Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I havnt been up dating this because I have been way way too busy! Those who do. do those who dont. write diaries!
I am now in Ecuador staying at a gorgeous eco lodge in the mountains surrounded by rainforest and fireplaces and great food. Today is being spent in the city of Quito.
I left Bolivia May 26 where I have been staying with friends in Lima. Lima is a huge full on city..the best and worst..but fantastic seafood.

Every day of this trip has been filled with surprises and challenges. Travel is definately not a Getaway Package Tour but actually on-the-ground experiences and if you are as lucky as me to make such a great bunch of South America mates, then you have it made.

I will have my stories and film edited when I get back to Oz but here are a few teasers...
I met the Minister of Education of Bolivia and the richest scariest Aymara women at a party that was one of my lifes most surreal experiences. These ladies wear so much gold they have personal bodyguards.
I have interviewed street people of Bolivia about their lives and hopes. I have experienced the South America version of partying which would put an Aussie football team to shame..these people can go for DAYS!

I traveled to Salor De Uyuni and it was a MASSIVE trip. These are the salt plains of Bolivia and are the wildest coldest most spectacular of wildernests ..Flamingos flying over sulpher lakes on a background of blue black wind whipped mountains, frozen streams and llamas. A hard trip but well worth the travel suffering.

My next push is to Iran...stay tuned!


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