Thursday, May 17, 2007

Lake Titikaka is a wonder. The hiighest navagatable lake in the world, it looks like a deep blue ocean. I travelled from La Paz to Copacabana and then by boat to the Island of the Sun. Just like living in a story book! The legend has it that the sun and moon were born from the island and as I watched the sun rise over the Lake I can well believe it. I shared the moment with a llama who wasnt as impressed as me but he hung out withme all the same. Copacabana is definately the place to hang out in the sun...very colourful and laidback . This is where you bring your car to be blessed at the local church! I can imagine plenty of 4x4 drivers in Oz that would love to have this done and chuck a car party afterwards! I haev loads of pics to put up as soon as I get them sorted.


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