Tuesday, October 09, 2007

This is Amy Sailor, a decendant of the Kanaka people of Ingham. Amy and other students worked for two weeks on a mural depicting the historic, cultural and environmental aspects of the Hinchenbrook area of Queensland. This is an excellent way to teach students about the value of their community and to visualise a major piece of artwork. It is permantently exhibited in Ingham to the pride of all involved.

The biggest caricature exhibition in the World!

Check out my contribution


Sunday, August 05, 2007

Joanne Brooker has been nominated in the catagory of Best Artwork in the Queensland Media Awards for 2007 for her caricature of Attorney General Philip Ruddock for Dissent magazine. Joanne won this award last year for her caricature of Kerry Packer printed in The Walkley magazine Joanne has won this award three times before during her time as editorial artist with News Ltd.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Here are the dates for the next round of Caricature Workshops
July 21.22 at Brisbane Institute of Art
Metro Arts Weekend Workshops
September 22/23
November 24/25
December 15/16
Never too early to book!
Metro Arts workshops book at purplespider@optusnet.com.au

My exhausting and truely awesome trip to the Salt Plains of Salor de Uyuni.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

My favourite Cafe in La Paz. Filled with Spanish antiques, old clocks, sunshine, 80's music and the BEST coffee ever!

Huggy Bears..Avril and Alexanjo, both TOP cartoonists.

My translator and best Bolivian friend, the gorgeous Wara!

Monday, July 02, 2007

Salor de Uyuni, the incredable salt plains of Bolivia.

My artwork is incuded in the Exhibition of Creative Women and the Art of the Comics. This unique exhibition of Women cartoon artwork is travelling throughout South America, Spain and the USA. The exhibition includes panel discussions by women artist on the subject of their work and what they bring to the artform.

Cheeky lot painted my caricature of Alanis Morrisette on the gallery wall as an introduction to my workshops. I made it clear that this is NOT a picture of me!

The opening of the festival at the Museo Tambo Quirquincho in la Paz

La Paz sits in a huge canyon at 3660 metres above sea level. From every angle the city crawls up the sides of he canyon to the Altoplato above.

The colour and drama of La Paz festivals.

I am finally back in wonderful Queensland! As much as I love travel there is nothing like your own homeland. Mind you I had an absolute ball with my new friends in Bolivia and Peru! What party animals!
The Encuentro International De Historietas was huge. Hats off to the amazing team that put togethr an arts festival that lasted full on for a whole month!
Here are osme pictures of the event that dont come close to the best of the festival...more will be coming up. For other pics check out the great Jose Chiqui Vilcas' blog


Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I havnt been up dating this because I have been way way too busy! Those who do. do those who dont. write diaries!
I am now in Ecuador staying at a gorgeous eco lodge in the mountains surrounded by rainforest and hummingbirds..open fireplaces and great food. Today is being spent in the city of Quito.
I left Bolivia May 26 where I have been staying with friends in Lima. Lima is a huge full on city..the best and worst..but fantastic seafood.

Every day of this trip has been filled with surprises and challenges. Travel is definately not a Getaway Package Tour but actually on-the-ground experiences and if you are as lucky as me to make such a great bunch of South America mates, then you have it made.

I will have my stories and film edited when I get back to Oz but here are a few teasers...
I met the Minister of Education of Bolivia and the richest scariest Aymara women at a party that was one of my lifes most surreal experiences. These ladies wear so much gold they have personal bodyguards.
I have interviewed street people of Bolivia about their lives and hopes. I have experienced the South America version of partying which would put an Aussie football team to shame..these people can go for DAYS!

I traveled to Salor De Uyuni and it was a MASSIVE trip. These are the salt plains of Bolivia and are the wildest coldest most spectacular of wildernests ..Flamingos flying over sulpher lakes on a background of blue black wind whipped mountains, frozen streams and llamas. A hard trip but well worth the travel suffering.

My next push is to Iran...stay tuned!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Lake Titikaka is a wonder. The hiighest navagatable lake in the world, it looks like a deep blue ocean. I travelled from La Paz to Copacabana and then by boat to the Island of the Sun. Just like living in a story book! The legend has it that the sun and moon were born from the island and as I watched the sun rise over the Lake I can well believe it. I shared the moment with a llama who wasnt as impressed as me but he hung out withme all the same. Copacabana is definately the place to hang out in the sun...very colourful and laidback . This is where you bring your car to be blessed at the local church! I can imagine plenty of 4x4 drivers in Oz that would love to have this done and chuck a car party afterwards! I haev loads of pics to put up as soon as I get them sorted.

The stories are coming thick and fast. I am putting together a series of filmed stories on the local Hop Hop singers whose lirics are in Atmara the ancient Incan language. They live in the roughest poorest part of town, El Alto. I went there last night to do a radio interview for the local youth radio and was then introduced to one of the young toughs who create the music. He did an excellent piece to camera..they are real performers! This would be a great piece for JJJ TV.
I am also doing a story on the cultural changes in La Paz..the modern trendy art scene and the campas from the villages who dress and live in the old ways. There is also a great story about the local shoe shine boys..but more about that later! Having the priviledge of working and being taken in as an amigo of local people has given me an opportunity to see a side to La Paz that I would never see as a tourist.

La Paz is the highest city in the world at 6330 metres above sea level..ok..Potasi just pips it at a little higher but this is the biggest! From a height it looks like a giant crater filled with broken red bricks. The city fills the centre and climbs to the edges spilling over into the Plato. Teh whole city pullsates with energy. The streets are full of people day and night..and th enight people you leave alone. I am staying in a tiny friendly hostel filled with spanish antiques. I recommend it to any of you looking to get away from the usual dorm backpackers and tatty charmless hotels. Arcabucero ( 2313473) $10 US a night , basic but nice. As anyone who travels alot you know a place to call your own means a lot!
As a guest of the Encuentro International Festival of Art at the Tambo Quinchuincho, I have been involved in many events. I took two caricature classes all in English with my very patient translator Wada. Dispite the translation the class of fifty each day were attentive and involved. In fact, they had to be pushed out of the door after the class! I was really pleased with how the classes went as I had no idea how it would be recieved here.