Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Aussie Cartoonist in Iran and Bolivia
Never before has a female Australian cartoonist ventured so far off the beaten track

Joanne Brooker is following up her last brave venture into Iran during the Danish cartoon wars, with another trip back to really get into what makes Iranian cartoonists tick. Not happy with just that, she is also heading to the highest city in the world, Bolivia, to meet with more cartoonists!

During this amazing trip Joanne will be exhibiting her artwork and lecturing at Universities in both countries...a real FIRST!

.Joanne will be writing and photographing each unique event with the given co-operation of journalists in Iran and Bolivia. This is a great prividge and available to Joanne only because she established a mutual trust with the people and organisations involved.

Joanne’s Caricature artwork is currently exhibited in a unique exhibition titled “Creative Woman and the Art of Comic” Exposicin Las Mujeres Creadoras y El Arte De La Caricatura

This is the first time an exhibition has been organized to promote Female Caricaturists. Female Caricaturists are a rare commodity world wide as is the case in Australia.

There are 34 professional female artists from 21 countries participating in this exhibition. Joanne is the only Australian professional female Caricaturist to participate. The exhibition will be displayed until 2008 in ten countries.

Joanne has been personally invited by the Bolivian Cultural Minister, Edgar Arandia Quiroga, to represent Australia at the Quinto Encuentro Internacional de Historietas de La Paz.
The event is taking place over a one week period from the 14th to 19th of May 2007.

Joanne has also been invited by the Hozeye Honary Esfahan ( Esfahan Art Field) to exhbit her Caricature artwork in the Esfahan Cartoon Association Anniversary Exhibition opening May 24 2007. As an an honorary member of this association she has been given permission to attend lectures on cartooning at both Esfahan University and Najaf Abad University. Faculty heads have also requested that she speak to the students of these Universities about cartooning.

Prior to becoming a freelancer in 2001, Joanne worked for ten years for News Ltd as an editorial illustrator. The standard and quality of her work has been highly awarded by the media industry including her latest award, Cartoon of the Year from the Queensland Media Awards. Her work is widely published and has been exhibited in France, Scotland, Iran, Barcelona and Australia. .


The Woman’s Caricature exhibition has been traveling to the following countries:

Exhibition in Lima, Perú, July de 2006.
Graphic Humor Program, Fundación General Universidad de Alcalá, Spain, October, 2006.
La Ghignata, Festivalmuggiò d'Arte Leggera –Seven days!, Monza, Italy, October, 2006.
Museum de Impresa, Portugal, November, 2006.
Internacional Guadalajara Book Fair, México, December, 2006.

with the following locations still to go:

Exhibition in Quito and Guayaquil, Ecuador, 2007.
Bienal Humor Exhibition, San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba, March 25 - 29, 2007.
Bienal Exhibition Humoralia, Spain, September, 2007.
Bienal Art Exhibition, Georgia Cultural Center, USA, May, 2008.

The Bolivian Exhibition is held at the Tambo Quirquinuncho museum in La Paz.
The Esfahan Cartoon Association Anniversary Exhibition is held at the Esfahan Gallery, Iran

Joanne Brooker
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