Thursday, May 17, 2007

The stories are coming thick and fast. I am putting together a series of filmed stories on the local Hop Hop singers whose lirics are in Atmara the ancient Incan language. They live in the roughest poorest part of town, El Alto. I went there last night to do a radio interview for the local youth radio and was then introduced to one of the young toughs who create the music. He did an excellent piece to camera..they are real performers! This would be a great piece for JJJ TV.
I am also doing a story on the cultural changes in La Paz..the modern trendy art scene and the campas from the villages who dress and live in the old ways. There is also a great story about the local shoe shine boys..but more about that later! Having the priviledge of working and being taken in as an amigo of local people has given me an opportunity to see a side to La Paz that I would never see as a tourist.


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