Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Bolivia and Iran Artists Odyssey Begins

As anyone who has travelled overseas knows, the journey begins about two weeks before when you begin a slow mental melt down. I woke in a panic two weeks ago ..where is my passport!! Yes..I know I posted it to the Iran embassy for a visa so that is most likely where it is..but what if it isnt!!!! So for the past two weeks I have been hammering my mobile trying to get through to them. I left messages, I emailed, I faxed...nothing! I went quietly balistic at an the Australian consulate who wouldn't send someone around from their Canberra office to go bang on the Iranians door for me..funny that!
However..this morning after ringing twenty times I nearly fell off my chair when the Iranian embassy actually answered. The passport is awaits visa confirmation which will be known next week. Fine...core melt down averted...

In the mean time..Bolivia is rocking along. Jose Chique Vilca is my Peruvian main man is sorting out important things like picking me up from the airport, finding me somewhere to stay and organising my drinks....obviously important to Peruvian party people! Fine with me!

I will be speaking on a womans panel about us women in cartooning. I was on a similar women artists panel in Australia so it will be interesting to see if our experiences are similar. That will be an interesting report.

So to repack my bag for the fifteeth time and to figure out how to use all the go go gadgets I have bought to record this trip.
Stay tuned!


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