Wednesday, January 31, 2007

What an amazing year!
The highlight for me has to be my solo journey through Iran. My opportunity to travel through such a ancient country and to meet talented artists is still in my mind and imagination. I finally found the magical lands of all my childhood stories. The ruins of Persipolis was like stepping into a history book. Iran made me see the other side to all the cruelty of media hype and war mongering politicans. We are all one people and must support each other and respect our differances. I was made so welcome in Iran and I thnak everyone that went out of their way to ensure my comfort and safety.
Thanks to El Telegraph for their support in connecting me in Iran with Ouday Journi from Arab television without whom I would never have made it through. Ouday remains a good friend and I wish him the best in Russia.
Thanks to Iranian cartoonist Kianoosh Ramezani and his wonderful friends for organising my exhibition at Salles gallery in Tehran.
I am hoping to return to Iran again to answer the many questions I still have about the country and it's people.
My visit to Paris did, ofcourse, put me in artists heaven...again..I shall return!
My exhibition in Barcelona at Galleriazero Gallery in the gorgeous gothic area of Canvas Nous was an amazing experience. My work exhibited around the corner from the Picasso Gallery..nice company!
London..did I get the best day of the, blue and clear with just a touch of snow. I was made so welcome by my cartoonist friends ( Big G'day Lazza Goldsmith and cartoon editor Ken Larson!) at The Mirror. Loved the pub lunch with jam rolly polly!
On my return stories and interviews of my latest trip were presented in The Diplomat , The Courier-Mail, SBS radio, ABC radio and New Matilda, Brisbane Circle, Bemac Magazine, Artworkers Magazine and The Walkley Magazine.
Steve Canaane from my favourite radio station Triple J interviewed me before and after my trip on the Danish Cartoon riots and my experiences as a female cartoonist in a strictly censored Muslim country, I had the opportunity to thank him at the Walkley Awards where he picked up a well deserved gong.
Mainstream media ( Lateline, The Australian) interviewed me on film before I left but lost interest on my return as I avoided being kidnapped or beheaded..sorry guys...I worked for ten years in the media, I understand how it works!
I have every intention of continueing my world travels and have some surprises in store in the future. War Artist in Afganistan? Watch this space...
I was the recipient of yet another award for my artwork this year! I was honoured with The Queensland Media Award for Best Cartoon. This award proved that my work is noticed and appreciated. This has strengthened my resolve to continue to make comment with my art.
March saw us putting together an exhibition called Look at Me! This was a collaboration between myself, top photographer Kris Mitchell and sculpter Ellie Tarratt. The theme was Faces..each of us made our own interpreation of this theme. The result was classy, professional and well worth all the effort. It was also a great excuse for a damn good party at the Metro Arts Gallery!
I have run many workshops this year from Metro Arts with great success. Having the oportunity to introduce the art of caricature to so many students has been wonderful. My most dedicated students continue to work with me to improve their skills and to keep quality caricature alive in Australia.
Writers Festival Brisbane and Towoomba featured myself as a tutor and speaker. I enjoy the opportunity to meet with some of Australias leading writers.
Melbourne Freelance Convention.
Evans and Peck introduced me to the skills of Corporate Visualisation. An amazing opportunity to stretch my editorial illustration skills creating artwork based on their business ideas formed during their convention at Collum Resort.
Holmsgen Tafe also contracted me to entertain as a caricaturist at their convention in Echuca in Victoria. I think I have found my calling! Four days of (paid!) fun at Rich River Resort, drawing dozens of happy IT folk, plastering a wall with my work and joining in the fabulous activities. All finished off with a jetboat rip up the Murray River! Thanks to Ron Gasgoine for his support.
South American Womans Caricature Exhibition. My work has travelled with this unique exhibtion thorughout South America, Portugal and Spain. Caricature is a far more respected artform in many countries..maybe Austraia will catch on eventually!
I have also managed to travel all over Queensland as a tutor with Flying Arts. we go...Pimlico, Towoomba, Goondiwindi, Rockhampton, Yeppoon, Kilcoy and many more places I cant ven remember!
McGregor Winter School! A whole week of concentrated art, good company and very good red wine!
The Walkley Magazine have been great supporters of my work, huge thanks to Deputy Director, Jane Worthington and Editor, Jacque Park..these chick's rock! I look foward t the next years round of stories to illustrate.
Watch for my work in future Dissent magazine, well worth a read for original comment and quality artwork.
Big thanks to Frank Stadler from Tweed River Gallery. This is a secret tucked away in the most wonderful valley. Frank and I have a bet that one day he will exhibit my Archibald entry!
Next gig? Woodford Folk Festival. I am taking three days of art workshops culminating in a huge montage of Woodford folk caricatures! Then it is all fun, music, dancing away the year and beginning my new year with a clean spirit!
This is the time to consolidate all of the successes of the year in order to plan the new year. My studio has been one of the great steps forward for my business. Having such a space in the city has centred my business relationships and concentrated my efforts.
Thanks to all my many old and new clients for commissioning my work and better still, paying for it! Every one an enjoyable challenge and a pleasure. Keep em coming!
My hopes for 2007? I shall be concentrating on my portrait work. I have two major works already planned and will end the next year with some strong new work. I will continue to push my self into new areas of art and to challenge myself and my abiliites.
I love Corporate Caricature Entertainment...being paid to do what I love and to meet interesting people is a treat! I intend to offer the BEST in Corporate Entertianment for next year. I am damn good at it and that's a fact!
I shall continue to run my Metro Arts Workshops. These will be exclusive workshops that focus on each students interests in Caricature, Portrait art, Political Cartooning and Dynamic lifedrawing.
I expect to continue to travel all over Queensland with Flying Arts. I am also now listed with the Arts Council I am looking forward to some real outback adventure! Lets see how far around Australia I canmake it this year!
A new year, a new beginning. I am looking forward to it already!


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